Why Do I need Antivirus Software

admin Comments 0 October 27, 2020

As long as the computer devices will be in existence, the chances of them being hacked, corrupted, information stolen and devices been frozen will always be there. Some people casually say “Oh I will download the free version” do you think the free version will do the job?  I am doubting !! Free, as we all know is for a reason, therefore free is not ideal to have. My recommendation is to have a decent antivirus for your device. All of us have our precious memories, other personal information, credit cards (maybe), and passwords stored on our systems (computer, laptop, phones, or tablets).

Losing some of the stored information it could be your photos or hacked passwords would be emotionally devastating for anyone. Also, there is a potential risk to lose your money as well, if hackers manage to get into your banking details. Hackers and cybercriminals usually operate from “Virtual Private Network” operated rooms overseas and chances of tracking them are very narrow. Antivirus software can track the majority of these threats but can not guarantee to protect from every cyberattack, but antivirus is a great asset to have.

Antivirus not only protects your device, but it also filters the website your young ones can browse. You can set the family filter and keep an eye on your children’s activities with good antivirus.


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