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The main job of an antivirus is to detect a malware and deal with it before it causes any problem. But, this is not the case anymore. Today we possess lots of threats from various ways.

The Internet is a good place for entertainment, passing time, gaining information. But, where there’s a good, there is also a bad! It is also a spot for spreading viruses, trojans, malware. The Internet security is not only about countering malware, it is only a small part of the web. The Internet security nowadays is more about protecting privacy, data, and security from ransomware.

There is also another type of threat called “zero-day attack”, in which the malware is so new that no one knows about its presence. It hasn’t been analyzed or had its “signatures” built into malware database. So, the main factor here is at which speed at which these analyses are made by the security provider.

The security industry is growing faster and faster these days. There is “next gen” protection, which analyzes the behavior of programs and decides a particular action that needs to be taken. Artificial intelligence is also crawling its way into some Softwares. It monitors the activity of certain programs and caught it while attempting some unexpected operation. For example – Ransomware can be detected while attempting an unexpected encryption of files.


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